Indoor Outdoor Digital Weather Station


Like to measure the rain and know the temperature at the same time? Or just like to know what the day ahead holds so you can be prepared when you leave the house? Then this LCD digital weather thermometer is a must have for you. Not only does it measure the rain, it also displays the temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit) and humidity. Comes with suction cup and adhesive tape for easy mounting.

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This is a great product for those home hobby farmers growing plants or their own veggie garden so they can be informed of whether or not they need to water their crops or nature will take care of it for them!


  • Digital Window Thermometer Hygrometer
  • Easy Suction Cup and adhesive tape installation
  • LCD Digital Window Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer / Hygrometer
  • Measures and displays the temperature and humidity
  • Large, easy to read LCD Temperature range: -20°C to +70°C or -4°F to +158°F
  • Humidity range: 20-90%
  • MAX and MIN record for temperature and humidity
  • Accuracy: ±0.1°C
  • Operating voltage: 1.5 V/DC (1 x AAA battery-not included)
  • Size: 110mm x 100mm x 20mm

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