Heart Shaped Fried Egg Mold


These heart shaped egg molds are the perfect kitchen tool for making a fun, loving heart shaped breakfast! Surprise your loved one or simply have fun with the family creating a heart shaped egg for breakfast.

Once you’ve used these handy molds you’ll never want a round egg again.

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It’s important to spray the molds with edible cooking oil or grease the molds with butter to avoid the eggs from sticking to the rings. Once you have greased the molds you simply place them onto a seasoned griddle or fry pan. Break your eggs into the mold and start cooking.

Not only are they perfect for eggs, you can also use them to create delicious mini snack pancakes. Once your pancake is cooked you can easily pop them out of the mold nicely and decorate with fresh fruit, butter and syrup. A special treat for your family!

You can also use them to make egg muffins, small omelettes, poached eggs, burgers and more. Your kids will love you!


- Makes perfect heart, round, flower and star shaped pancakes or eggs
- Handle stays cool while grilling and cooking and folds flat to store
- Every ring holds 1/4 cup batter or 1 raw egg
- Effortless to wash, dishwasher safe
- High Grade Stainless Steel
- Mold Height: 0.6 inch, Handle Length: 2.1 inch.


  • Step 1: Pour a little oil into the pan. Set the egg mold down into the pan
  • Step 2: It's a good idea to rub the mold edge with butter or edible oil to make them non stick
  • Step 3: Crack the egg right in the center of the mold. Make sure your pan and the mold are heated before adding eggs
  • Step 4: Enjoy your delicate breakfast with the ones you loved


  1. Please grease the mold inside and outside with an oil brush or butter before cooking to prevent the egg or pancake mix from sticking to the mold.

  2. You'll need to press down on the handle of the mold for a while when you're pouring the egg into the molds to prevent the egg or pancake mix from leaking out underneath.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Quality: 4 PCS
  • Heart Shape: 10.3*8.7*1.5cm
  • Round Shape: 10.5*8.8*1.5cm
  • Flower Shape: 10.2*8.8*1.5cm
  • Star Shape: 10*8.7*1.5cm
  • Single weight: about 30g
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