Tear Free Onion Glasses


Sick of your eyes stinging when you’re slicing onions? You’ll never shed a tear again when you own a pair of these kitchen onion glasses. Choose from 4 different colors too!

These goggles are the ultimate protection to your tender eyes when slicing onions. Not only are they a comfortable fit, they also come in a sleek design.

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So what are you waiting for? Do you never want to shed a tear again when slicing onions? 


  • Eliminates Tears And Stinging Eyes: The Indy Chef Onion Goggles allow you to chop and dice in comfort
  • Foam Padded Rims: Allow a snug and comfortable fit while keeping those nasty vapour’s out
  • Not Just For Chopping Onions: These Onion Goggles are great for gardening and cutting grass for those with allergies too!
  • Great For BBQ’s Or Open Fire Cooking: Your clothes might stink but your eyes won't sting!

Note: Make sure you clean the onion residue from the cutting board before removing the glasses or your eyes may still get the sting!

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