Digital Measuring Spoon with Large LCD Display


If you want to take away the guesswork when measuring ingredients for your recipes, this gadget is for you. With this digital measuring spoon, you know with confidence that you’re adding exactly the right amount, every time!

Whether you need a teaspoon, tablespoon, pinch, dash, or more, the highly sensitive reader delivers an accurate reading in oz and grams, whichever you favour! The large LCD screen displays clear easy to see measurements.

From flour, sugar, coffee, herbs and spices, to salt, butter, medicine, and beyond, you’ll never have to meticulously calculate or just eyeball it again! Measures both dry and liquid ingredients, as you need.


Accurate Measurement 
This incredible little device supports minimum weight of 1g to a maximum weight of 300g. The accuracy is rated to 0.1g. So, you can weigh different ingredients with confidence of its accuracy.

Made of quality ABS material, this digital spoon scale is highly safe, reliable and durable. It is also FDA Approved.

Removable Scoop for Easy Cleaning 
You can easily detach the scoop from the handle for cleaning purposes. In this way, you can prevent water from getting into the body of the spoon and destroying the electronics. Therefore, cleaning the spoon even after weighing butter is a cinch. 

Auto Power-Off Function 
If the spoon is idle or there is no manual operation for 5 minutes, this device will automatically switch turn off, helping to prolong the lifespan of the battery.


More Features:
High Precision: Provides 2 units of weight grams/oz
Min Weighing:1g
Max Weighing: 300g
Graduation: 0.1g
Volume holding: 5ml~30ml
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~40°C
Three Functions:
Tare function: helps to weigh precisely subtracting the container or ingredients of the last weighing
Mode function: allows you to switch between different measuring units
Hold function: locks and displays the weight readout precisely
Premium Materials: Made of top-quality ABS material for health and safety
Designed to weigh: dry and liquid ingredients
Portable and Convenient: Comes in an ultra-slim size for easy storage; features an easy-to-clean detachable scoop
Easy-to-Read: Digital LCD screen for displaying accurate weight readouts clearly
Automatically turns off within 5 minutes if there is no manual operation
(Batteries not included)

1. Do not press down on the spoon with your hand, when operating the scale and do not drop the spoon to ensure the accuracy and functionality of the scale.
2. Do not use the scale in serious hot, humid, dusty or vibrational environment conditions. 
3. To ensure the accuracy of the scales reading, please keep the scale in a horizontal position to read the display, power-on and tare. Tilting the spoon will result in an inaccurate reading.
4. Do not rest the spoon on the counter top in order to get a measurement, this will result in an inaccurate reading.

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