Digital Measuring Cup and Scale with LCD Display


Ever found yourself wishing you had a measuring cup and scale all in one? Well, we heard you! This ingenious idea of combing a measuring cup and scale in one is now a reality. Not only does this little beauty measure ingredients, it also gives you a temperature reading of the ingredients. Perfect for those recipes that require liquids to be a certain temperature.

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The scale has 5 units of measurements to choose: Pounds, Ounces, Grams, Cups and Millilitres. It has an intelligent weighing system that automatically converts 5 preset ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, water and oil) from ounces (weight) to cups (volume). Built with the latest sensor technology, the scale offers incredible accuracy. If you are dieting or practicing portion control, this is the perfect kitchen tool for you. The weighing range is between 0~1000g / 11lb Liquid. It also features the easy-to-read markings on the side of the cup.

Measuring liquid volume is maximum 600ml and density setting for liquid. Digital temperature measuring is Fahrenheit and Celsius and can easily be converted to the setting of your choice and displays in the easy to see large LCD screen built into the handle.

Now you can measure the first ingredient then without emptying the cup, press the button Z, the scale will zero out and you can continue on your second food.

With the Tare functionality, now you can accurately measure two or more ingredients at the same time, simply zero out the measurement of the first ingredient in the cup and the scale will precisely subtract the measurement of that first ingredients weight automatically, giving you the measurement of the second ingredient – all without having to empty the cup continually for each new measurement – now that’s genius!

The measuring cup is easily removable which is great for those times when you need to rinse it out when switching between ingredients. Also great for when you’ve finished – simply release the cup, hand wash in warm water and place on dish rack to dry. Do not wash the handle in water, simply wipe clean with a cloth and store. 


  • Digital measuring cup scale combines with the measuring functions of weight and volume 
  • Digital measuring scale can convert metric and imperial measuring units (gm, lb(oz), ml, fl'oz, and cups) with LCD display 
  • Measurement Pre-sets: Milk, Oil, Water, Flour 
  • Measure volume and weight with one device 
  • Measuring Range: 0g - 1000g 
  • Measuring Accuracy: +/- 1g 
  • Measuring temperature Range: -40ºC to 120ºC 
  • Detachable measuring cup 
  • Tare/Zero Function 
  • Low Battery Indicator 
  • Weight Exceeded Indicator 
  • Automatic Shut-Off 
  • 30 minutes countdowns 
  • The measuring cup is a precise digital kitchen scale, and it needs to be cleaned by hand
  • Material: PC cup + ABS handle
  • Battery: 1x 3V CR2032 battery (not included)
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