Time to get your bake on with our top 5 amazing, easy traybakes

September 30, 2016

Time to get your bake on with our top 5 amazing, easy traybakes

Traybakes, bars, slices or whatever you like to call them have been around since we were knee high to our moms apron strings! Traybake recipes vary from sponges, brownies, flapjacks to no-bake rocky roads.

They are usually loaded with some kind of extravagant and delicious topping and are typically baked in a foil tray, baking sheet or oven dish and cut into perfectly lovely plump slices.

Out with the old and in with new – traybakes!

Time to get your bake on with our top 5 amazing, easy traybakes
Delicious Plum traybake – via bakingmad.com

In the Indy Chef kitchen, whilst looking for our top 5 traybakes we’ve been reminiscing over the many baking recipes we’ve found.

Unpretentious and unapologetically old-school, traybakes and bars are the stuff of Betty Crocker and “The Joy of Cooking,” tapping into our childhood nostalgia for food enjoyed on school buses and at soccer practice.

It seems almost anything counts as a bar or traybake, so long as it’s baked or assembled in a casserole dish or baking sheet – with plenty of topping to spare. Via abqjournal.com

Inspiration has led us to share our amazingly tempting and EASY traybake and bars recipes with you! We’ve searched high and low, baked and baked again looking for the best traybakes and bars for you AND have also come up with a couple of our own recipes, so let’s do this!

Get your aprons to the ready, tie your hair back and clear down your counter top! Get ready to BAKE!

We don’t ‘do’ favorites in the Indy Chef kitchen (we love food too much) so in no particular order these are our top 5 traybakes and bars….

Zesty, Silky Lemon Bar

We’re very proud of our very own recipe, introducing zesty, melt in the mouth silky smooth Lemon bars! Unusually these bars have a pastry crust, but the crunch of the pastry against the smooth filling makes the extra effort worthwhile. We have used 8 common baking ingredients you should have in your pantry! If you’ve got surplus Lemons these bars are quick and easy to rustle up.

Time to get your bake on with our top 5 amazing, easy traybakes
Silky smooth Lemon Bars

Indy Chef Tip:  Delicately devour a slice with a rich nutty coffee.

Double Chocolate Ganache Traybake

No baking repertoire is complete without a rich dark chocolate sponge! Our divine and utterly luxurious double chocolate traybake will not disappoint.

We’ve taken a classic chocolate sponge and added 100% cocoa nibs, the nibs gives the velvety sponge a depth of flavour and a very gentle chocolate crunch. If you don’t fancy adding the nibs to the sponge, gently sprinkle over the top of the Ganache.

Double Chocolate ganache traybake

When it comes to the ganache topping, we love our naughty addition of a little Jamaican rum! It adds a very gentle sweetness and is barely noticeable, it is of course optional, so if you’re baking this for kids you may want to reconsider and choose to leave it out.

Hosting a dinner party? – Be brave and serve the traybake as a dessert option and increase the amount of rum in the ganache – now who would turn away a boozy, chocolatey dessert?!

Double chocolate ganache traybake

Indy Chef Tip:  Tuck into a slice with liqourice root tea or frothy cappuccino

No Bake Gluten Free Granola Bars

Time to get your bake on with our top 5 amazing, easy tray bakes
Healthy Granola traybake – Via en.wikipedia.org

Granola bars have stood the test of baking time! Granola was first launched in the 1860’s – A New York Victorian doctor invented the healthy mix of oats, nuts and seeds to give his guests at his infamous spa, a healthy start to the day! Legendary Dr Kellogs introduced the recipe into the mainstream in the early 1900’s and we now snack on hundreds of different types of this breakfast staple.

Super easy granola bar – via minimalistbaker.com


We simply love these Granola Bars. The bars are made using only five ingredients and there’s no baking involved (unless you want to toast the nuts).

They’re super easy to whip up in a hurry!

OK, so not technically a traybake – but you still need a tray, you just don’t need the bake. They can easily be made Gluten free by replacing the oats with a gluten free version. Try using large oats, they add a fabulous chew and crunch to the granola bar.

Indy Chef Tip:  Enjoy a slice in the morning with a cup of filtered coffee

Apricot with Coconut Traybake

Time to get your bake on with our top 5 amazing, easy traybakes
Moist and succulent Apricot traybake via bakingmad.com

Coconut is like a fabulous medicine for cakes, it can make a simple sponge splendidly perky and a basic cookie dough taste superbly exotic and lovely.

In this simple traybake, the coconut perfectly compliments the juicy Apricots.

Using tinned Apricots add a succulent juiciness to the traybake sponge. The desiccated coconut absorbs the lovely Apricot juices to give a moist and warming traybake.

You won’t be disappointed by this lovely Apricot with coconut traybake.

Time to get your bake on with our top 5 amazing, easy traybakes
Apricots pack a punch to your health

Did you know Apricots are rich in many plant antioxidants. The humble apricot is a great food that provides you with the protective effects of essential vitamins and minerals. These pretty orange little fruits give you protection against free radical damage. Bring us another slice of traybake please. Via whfoods.com

Four Layer Blackberry Jam & Chocolate Crumble Traybake (Dairy Free)

Easy triple layer traybake

Melt-in-your-mouth Blackberry Jam and Chocolate Crumble Bars are made up of four amazing layers. Sweet, chocolatey, and even a little spicy. The base is surprisingly made from sweet potatoes and dates, giving it a soft, slightly chewy texture with a flavor similar to caramel.

The second layer is blackberry jam with a pinch of cayenne pepper and black pepper to give it more character. The chocolate layer marries with the date layer to offer a rich and fudgey chocolatey flavor. Finally the layers are topped with an easy oat crumble. Via onegreenplanet.org

Our selection of diverse and uniquely delicious traybakes will keep you comforted and busy throughout the start of fall! Each bar has its place on your table, the difficult decision is in deciding which one to BAKE first.

Happy traybaking lovely readers and please do share your bakes with us – we’d love to hear from you.

We are throwing in an EXTRA recipe, Ssshhhh! Check out this Jam Donut traybake recipe!


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