Tantalizing tasty pasta recipes for when you need an easy midweek meal

October 04, 2016

Tantalizing tasty pasta recipes for when you need an easy midweek meal

Easy pasta recipes are the midweek meal savour for people all across the globe!  Midweek and pasta go together like Santa and Christmas, turkey and thanksgiving or pumpkins and halloween!

One would just not feel right without the other! OK – so we may be over reacting slightly, but many an Indy Chef kitchen midweek family meal has been saved by an easy tasty pasta recipe.

How would we cope without its safe and reassuring presence in our pantry? We can all (yes even YOU) open our pantry’s and see a bag of pasta sitting there; usually half opened and waiting for its next outing.

All little pasta history

Tantalizing tasty pasta recipes for when you need an easy midweek meal
Delicious fresh pasta via thedailymeal.com

The crazy world of delicious pasta is teeming with distinctive varieties, differing in shape, history, and gastronomical purpose.

There are two major classifications: pasta fresca (fresh) and pasta secca (dried). There are more than 400 unique types of pasta; from sheets, strips, long strands, cylinders, unique shapes and so many varied flavors.

Varying from the basics of white pasta, light flavors and colors can be added to pasta with egg yolk, spinach, tomato paste, chocolate, and even squid ink. The individual shape and texture given to pasta can be somewhat of a code in determining the proper sauce.

A simple rule of thumb would be as follows: thick pasta = thick sauce, light pasta = light sauce. Sounds easy to us! Via garrubbo.com

Squid ink midweek pasta via seriouseats.com

A Passion for Pasta Recipes

Finding new pasta recipes are a passion of ours and in the Indy Chef kitchen we often share recipes or spend time debating which classic pasta recipe would be the one we would take to a desert island. Would it be a shrimp pasta recipe, pasta in a simple tomato and basil sauce or pasta simply drizzled with extra virgin olive oil?

Which one would you choose? SEE – Its not an easy decision?!

Easy pasta recipes we love – via blog.giallozafferano.it


Don’t you agree that pasta as had a hard time over recent years? Pasta is often being targeted due to its high carbohydrate values BUT when eaten as part of a balanced diet, pasta can and should be enjoyed as part of your family’s midweek mealtimes.

Keeping your midweek meals in mind and especially meals you can cook quickly and easily for your family are the motivation for the below selection of delicious pasta recipes. Each offer a different flavour and give you the chance to experiment with pasta shapes too!

Which one will you cook first?

Get your pasta to the ready!

One pot recipes are the new buzzwords; as we all look to save time and washing up, one pot meal recipes have grown! We’re BIG fans of the one pot meal for a midweek pasta dish option and our first recipe pays homage to throwing all your ingredients in one pot and being presented with a super tasty meal! Balissimo!

One pot Penne Arrabiata

One pot Penne Arrabiata is easy, delicious, healthy and offers a fabulous midweek option! This delicious midweek dish packs a punch of healthy ingredients, including fresh veggies and spices.

Passionate pasta easy midweek meal
One pot Penne Arrabiata pasta

Indy Chef Tip: Penne works really well in this recipe as the thick sauce gathers inside the tubes, each bite should be full of saucy goodness!

Garlic and Basil Salmon Pasta

Garlic has the ability to lift so many dishes and for us it’s a pantry staple we’re never without. This dish is also an awesome way of using up leftovers. If you’ve got leftover smoked salmon from your weekend salmon biscuit recipe, great, just throw it into this dish and you’ve got a quick, easy and delicious meal.

See we think of everything!!

Our garlic, basil and salmon pasta can be on the table within 15 minutes. Fuss free, easy, midweek cooking at its best. If you are looking to lighten up on the dairy, you can easily replace the butter and cream for an extra drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or nutty and sweet rapeseed oil.

Passionate pasta recipes for easy midweek meals
Delicious midweek pasta recipe

Indy Chef Tip – You can use any leftover fish in this recipe, shrimps work especially well too!

Stove Top Mac ‘N’ Cheese – An American classic

Passionate easy pasta recipe for midweek mealtimes
Delicious Mac and Cheese pasta

No midweek pasta recipe option would be the same without an American classic we all know and love, Mac and Cheese. And to keep things simple, we make ours on the stove.

Sometimes we crave a classic pasta dish and want a meal that’s warming, hearty and ultimately superbly tasty. Stove top Mac and Cheese can be ready and served to your hungry family within 30 minutes! Yummo!

We found this hard to believe too, but did you know Mac ‘n’ Cheese was brought to America by the Brits?! It was traditionally baked in an oven, made using a strong English cheddar and finally topped with breadcrumbs!

Our cheesey recipe includes a mixture of two cheeses, each give a different taste and texture.

Passionate easy pasta recipe for mid week mealtimes
Delicious Mac and Cheese Pasta

Indy Chef Tip: Most cheeses work well in this recipe, however cheeses that are slightly softer will melt better and give a thicker sauce.

Healthy Bacon & Pumpkin Pasta

Healthy pumpkin pasta recipe via pinchofyum.com

No fall recipe is complete without paying homage to our beautifully vibrant orange friend – PUMPKIN.

This easy and delicious Bacon and Pumpkin pasta is low fat and low sugar, so when you need a healthy quick nutritious meal, we’ve got you covered!

Who says pumpkin is for sweet dishes only? – Not us!

Indy Chef Tip: If you’re dairy free, try using coconut milk, it will add depth of exotic flavour.

Super Quick – Anelletti pasta with sausage and greens

Pasta recipe for easy midweek mealtimes
Easy midweek sausage and greens pasta via thekitchn.com

When you’re scrambling around for a quick and easy midweek meal, try this delicious pasta recipe!

We’re really smitten with these little pasta rings from Trader Joe’s – they’re fun to cook and eat! Kids love them too.

We bought the sausage from our favorite farm vendor at the local farmers market, a delicious, tasty, homemade spicy Italian sausage. We also bought a few handfuls of fresh spring spinach and some new garlic.

This is a good dish to demonstrate how just a small amount of meat can flavor and deepen a whole dish and you don’t need much to make it taste great and be filling. The dish will be ready to go in literally 15 minutes, and you can substitute with any pasta, ground meat, or greens.

Remember to give your greens a good wash before adding to the dish – Try using this!

Indy Chef Tip: Mozzarella will melt beautifully in the dish and give a light subtle cheese flavor. If you want more of a cheese punch, simply stir in some grated parmesan just before serving! Yummo!

The pasta dishes that we’ve selected can easily be made Gluten free and vegetarian. Gluten free pasta is now readily available in most supermarkets and tastes just as delicious.

IF you find yourself with time and you happen to be standing there, with your apron on and the bag of pasta flour that’s been sitting in the pantry at the ready – take a look at this cute and authentic video on “How to make fresh pasta!” Go on, give it a try.

We love Nonna!

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