Make midweek Mexican inspired dishes innovative and healthy

September 25, 2016

Make midweek Mexican inspired dishes innovative and healthy

Mexican food offers you a wide range of tasty spices and fresh, vibrant ingredients. Food has the magical power to evoke happy feelings and memories and for us on a cold fall evening and there is nothing better than a zesty warm corn salad or a comforting spicy chicken chilli.

When we’re cooking up our Mexican recipes in the Indy Chef kitchen, the plethora of fragrant smells remind us of dancing on a beach whilst sipping a fresh margarita with the smell of chicken fajitas freshly cooking on the beach grill. Aaaahhh!!

Food full of spices, zest and a little heat, can be great for our digestive systems and keeping those pesky germs away through the winter months. Spices such as cumin, cayennne and chilli all help to boost your immune systems to keep you and your family fighting fit.

If like us, you stand in front of the food aisles, thinking I MUST EAT, WHAT CAN I EAT AND WHAT WILL MY FAMILY EAT (usually in that order) then our quick and easy Mexican midweek recipes are perfect for you – Give ’em a try and find out for yourself!

As we’re feeling generous, if you need a hand planning your weekly meals then check out our amazingly easy and FREE meal planner, we created it just for you!  And yes, we did say FREE.

Midweek Mexican one pot dishes rule!

Casseroles are quick, easy one pot recipes and are great for feeding the freezer, simply double up on ingredients and freeze any leftovers for another day. The beauty of a casserole is that you can throw any ingredients you like into the pot, that bag of lentils that’s been sitting in your pantry for a few weeks have finally found a home!

We LOVE a warming Mexican casserole – simply throw canned tomatoes, black beans, pinto beans, corn and any other veggies you fancy in a large casserole dish. Season with cumin, cayenne and chilli to taste, add enough stock to cover the ingredients and leave to simmer for 45 minutes. You will have a delicious, healthy mid week Mexican meal in no time at all.

If you have a household of meat eaters, you can easily add chicken or ground beef to the recipe.

Indy Chef Tip: Leftover chicken from the bone adds a depth of flavour to the casserole, just make sure you heat the meat through until its piping hot!

Serve with a large dollop of sour cream and a generous squeeze of zesty lime. Your kids will love this colorful and flavoursome dish!

Delicious Mexican inspired dishes to warm the heart


Our one pot Mexican Quinoa will keep the vegetarians in your household happy. Quinoa is an ancient grain, we’re talking nearly 4000 years old and was first cultivated in Peru. We’ve now all embraced this diverse super food in sweet and savory recipes. We find in our recipe it adds a depth of earthy flavor which perfectly compliments the Mexican spices.

One Pot Mexican Quinoa
One Pot Mexican Quinoa – A healthy mexican meal

Soup for dinner – Are you kidding?!

OK, so we know that soup may not feel like it’s worthy enough for a mid week meal, but stay with us! A delicious and substantial soup when served with homemade bread or biscuits (yes we did say homemade), can offer carbs, protein and all around goodness to your family.

We introduce to you Crock pot chicken tortilla soup. 

YES it’s Mexican, YES it’s vibrant and YES it’s chicken and let’s face it, Chicken is the most consumed meat in America, so all the family love chicken – right?!

Crock pot Mexican tortilla chicken soup – Filling & tasty

Tomato & corn soup
Mexican tomato and corn soup

Tomato and corn soup is a perfect mix between sweet and crunchy! Served with piping hot crunchy baked potatoes, this tasty little number is a great option for another Mexican themed mid week meal.

Roasting the tomato beforehand will make all the difference to the end flavour and adding the corn at the last minute will mean you are left with crunchy not soggy corn. Top with a sprinkle of cilantra and a spoonful of Sour Cream or Natural yoghurt and even a shake of paprika and you have an amazingly easy, tasty soup.

Don’t forget to get your baked potato’s out of the oven!

Indy chef Tip: Kids love using a salad spinner, when you have washed your cilantra, hand the task to one of the kids to give it a quick dry in the spinner before cutting.


An American muffin takes mealtime limelight!

Did you know the highest consumption of muffins in America is between Monday and Wednesday, with the average household munching on nearly 24 muffins a week!

BUT – Who said muffins were just for breakfast.

And what do American muffins have to do with Mexican food you ask?!

In the Indy Chef kitchen we’ve decided muffins are worthy enough to take centre stage on our mid week Mexican feast by throwing in a few extra ingredients. Our muffins contain healthy fats, carbs, protein and veggies, all pack a punch of muffin goodness to you and your family. We introduce to you our Zucchini, egg & pepper muffins.

Indy Chef tip: Add paprika and Chilli to the muffin mix for that hit of Mexican flavor!

Zucchini and egg muffins
Zucchini and egg muffins – Mexican meal with a twist

We serve our muffins warm from the oven with roast chicken and a bowl of warm and fresh seasonal vegetables. Easy, delicious and the kids will love eating muffins for dinner!

Your midweek meal times should be easy, quick and fun and Mexican food can offer all three! Once you have bought your spices, they will pretty much cover most of the meals you choose to make and with the diversity of being able to choose vegetables and meats you pack into your dishes, the recipes lend themselves to be as personal and unique as you want to make them.

So go on – Get cooking and embrace Mexican Food for your mid week meal options!

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