Easy Cauliflower recipes you will want to make now

October 10, 2016

Easy Cauliflower recipes you will want to make now

All hail the new kid on the vegetable block – Cauliflower!

Who doesn’t love a good easy cauliflower recipe? We all love the word ‘easy’, but when you throw the word cauliflower into the mix, does it bring up visions of a soft overcooked (slightly smelly) vegetable served by your mom when you were growing up? – YEP us too.

This pale and interesting vegetable is part of the brassica family and with brussel sprouts and broccoli as its more popular cousins, it’s about time it held centre stage.

Room for one more Cauliflower?

Originating in Cyprus, this odd looking veggie hitched a ride through France and Italy before finally landing on American shores in the late 1800’s; where it was cultivated first in Margaretville! Via cauliflowerfestival.com

Check out the load of cauliflowers waiting to furnish the tables of our early ancestors!

Cauliflower is such a trendy food right now, we just had to test out a few easy cauliflower recipes in the Indy Chef kitchen.

Blood, sweat and chef tears have gone into our recipe search, we’ve made Cauliflower Rice, Roasted Cauliflower, Buffalo Cauliflower and Cauliflower steaks and we even put one in a CAKE; all in the name of finding the best recipes for you!

Where to buy your new best veggie friend?

Seasonal fruit and veg – Spot the Cauliflower!

Farmers markets are a great source of seasonal veg and fruit.

Find your local market and choose your very own lovingly grown caulie.

The great thing about farmers markets, is they sell them exactly as grown, they don’t pick the prettiest or most rounded Cauliflower, what you see is what you get!

In our eyes that’s how it should be! Just make sure you choose one big enough for a couple of our delectable recipes!

If you’re unable to reach your local farmers market, Cauliflowers are now in season and taking their time in the limelight – most grocery stores will be stocking up on this trendy veggie!

Grab your ‘Caulie’ and lets get COOKING!

Quick, healthy and easy Cauliflower steak

Healthy Cauliflower steaks via wusa9.com

We have to say we were surprised at just how delicious this Cauliflower steak tasted!

It may not be enough to convince the hardy meat eaters in the family, but as a quick and incredibly healthy side dish or main meal for those willing, it really does taste fabulous and is a great talking point at the table!

Homemade date puree really adds a depth of flavour to the steaks and it’s super fun cooking them in the frying pan, it almost feels like the real steak deal.

Indy Chef tip:  Once you’ve soaked the dates in water, press them in a garlic press, the chunky consistency is just perfect and it’s quicker too!

Roasted Cauliflower and Greens Soup with Rye Toasts

Easy cauliflower recipes
Roasted Cauliflower & greens soup via timesonline.com

This soup recipe is ‘souper’ easy to make and the rye toasts really compliment all the earthy flavours of the soup.

We’re big fans of greens in the Indy Chef kitchen and love to add them into a recipe wherever possible. Sssshhh the kids will never know…

We found roasting added an incredible depth of flavour to the soup. We guarantee this will be a winter winner.

This is definitely what we’d class as an easy cauliflower recipe for when you need to put a meal on the table in super quick time.

Simple slow roasted Cauliflower with Golden Raisins

Slow roasted cauliflower with plump raisins via golocalprov.com

Oven-roasting cauliflower slowly gives you the same crispy florets and concentrated flavor as pan-frying, without all the messy grease.

As the cauliflower roasts in this recipe, you have time to crisp up some breadcrumbs and plump some raisins in sherry vinegar.

Simply toss everything together with some garlic, red pepper flakes, and parsley. Serve this flavorful side dish next to a grilled pork loin or a seared steak.

Indy Chef tip: Wash your Parsley leaves before cutting and give them a quick dry in a salad spinner – NO soggy herbs in your dish!

Healthy Cauliflower ‘nice’ rice

Cauliflower rice – leader of the pack via huffingtonpost.com

We can assure you; even the ‘caulie haters’ in the family will absolutely love this cauliflower rice dish. Since carbs have been getting a bad press, we’ve all been looking for an alternative!

This rice dish is superbly delicious and when mixed with veggies and spices takes on an arrogance in just how good it tastes.

Place it on the table with other dishes and it’ll stand out, all proud and tasty.

This dish is definitely a favorite in the Indy Chef kitchen – finally a recipe we all agree on. What will you think?!

Indy Chef tip: Serve with our spicy, exotic Indian coconut curry dish. It’ll be a weekend winner.

Lemon Cauliflower Cake

Lemon cauliflower cake See more…

Cauliflower in a cake we hear you cry! We know, but bear with us on this one. You’ll LOVE this Lemon cake recipe.

The cauliflower in this recipe acts as a beautiful substitute for nuts — something many raw cakes are rich in, and also something many people can’t tolerate (or afford sometimes).

It also lightens up the cake considerably. The second veggie hidden in the cake is avocado, which lends the cake a beautiful creaminess without any added oils. Two veggies in one cake – now surely that means we can eat more than one slice?!

One tip I will share with you on the subject though is to use fresh / good quality cauliflower. When veggies start to go off their flavors intensify quite a bit.

Fresh caulie doesn’t have a natural strong flavor, which makes it a great blank canvas to work with.

More importantly don’t forget to enjoy the shock on people’s faces when you tell them the main ingredient whilst they’re enjoying their first slice! — arguably the best part of the whole experience.

Indy Chef tip: Simple – Give this easy cauliflower recipe a try; you won’t be disappointed!

I hope we’ve shown you just how versatile and deliciously AWESOME and easy cauliflower is to cook with?! You now have a cost effective and healthy recipe repertoire and it’s always fun to try out trendy new recipes too!

Enjoy your ‘caulie’ experience and share your pictures with us – we’d love to hear from you.

Just in case you’re a little rusty with your knife skills, we’ve found this video clip to help you on your way. Happy cooking.


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